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Lord Veil

Ramblings, background, and introductions – get the inside scoop and follow along!

Butterfly, Anymore?

Butterfly, Anymore?

I am a butterfly defensively smothered in dust by grey people who won't accept that I'm not like them. I can laugh and fly; greys cannot comprehend or accept such things. The result is I'm forgetting who I am, becoming forcibly accustomed to being grounded in a dusty...



         Eyes peel themselves open sending tiny particulates of scabbed blood into the light breeze that he’s just become aware of. “Ches” (Reverend Chester Fields. His chain-smoking father had a warped sense of humor) now...

Music and it’s profound effect upon pop culture and you.

Music and it’s profound effect upon pop culture and you.

Who are your favorite bands? Who were your favorite bands growing up?Are they the same? Through in depth conversations with people of all types of musical preferences I've found that most people who grew up with a single genre of music and have pretty much kept to it...

Recent progress involving music and literature for Lord Veil.

Recent progress involving music and literature for Lord Veil.

The thing about being a creator is I'm always creating no matter what else is going on in my life. I'm working feverishly on multiple projects. The main three visions are the sequel to PRESENTING: The AFTERMATH (as yet untitled), the beginning of my vampire trilogy...

The many different looks and hair styles of Lord Veil

Being a performer and all around eccentric artsy type, I've had many different hair styles over the years. My family couldn't keep up with the fact that my hair grew like weeds when I was in my formative years, and we really couldn't afford barbers, so my elementary...

Writer’s Block Can Be A Blessing!

Many writers complain about the dreaded and feared syndrome, but, "What is Writer's Block?" It's quite literally the state of being a writer experiences when they feel blocked from their literary creative outlet. Can't think of anything. The story is stalled. Brain is...

Conversational Blurbs; The Early Life Of Lord Veil

EARLY BIO of Lord Veil             I was born in the unremarkable conglomerate known as Fairfield/Suisun, CA. I say “unremarkable” because, from day one, I felt stifled there. But, honestly, any poor person is and...

Captain James Becker; What Makes Him Tick?

Those of you who have read the book have already met this dashing helicopter pilot, commonly known as "Jess." But what do you really know about him? You know he's tall, handsome, and has black hair and blue eyes. You know he's a Captain in the National Guard. You know...


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