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The thing about being a creator is I’m always creating no matter what else is going on in my life. I’m working feverishly on multiple projects. The main three visions are the sequel to PRESENTING: The AFTERMATH (as yet untitled), the beginning of my vampire trilogy entitled THE TRIBE, and a musical collaboration with a band called SOMA & SERAPHIM. I’ve also given my children’s book, THE BEAST OF SLUMBER, to Jewels Savage to professionally illustrate; McKenna Bellot is currently scheduled to wrap recording the audiobook for that at the end of this week. And finally I’m actively sketching my other children’s book, THE SUNNY WITCH, in order that I may hire yet another illustrator to render the final drawings once I finish the blueprint for them. All this on top of being a father with a newborn and two special needs toddlers has me pretty busy lately.

Exhibit A:

Miss Alita is dutifully helping me type this article.

The band I’m working with, SOMA & SERAPHIM, is quite inspiring to me. We’ve had two rehearsals and have come up with just as many new songs. As it stands the members are a perfect triangle of talent. Preston and Mako comprise the other two points of our dark triad. It’s refreshing to have a team of likeminded songwriters to collaborate with. In future blogs I’ll include snippets of current music we’re developing as well as future show concepts. If you’re seeking beauty in darkness, you’ll find it with us.

That’s just a brief update. I’ll share more as more projects reach their final form. Some of it is simply a waiting game since we’re still awaiting copyright confirmation on three of my creations. After we get those certificates things will be for sale in the store that will be featured on this website. While the creation process can often flow unhindered, things like bureaucratic hoops to jump through can cause ungodly delays. I regret that my making you wait on the new completed material is out of my hands to repair.

Thank you all for your patience! I love each and every one of you reading this. If you have any questions, friendly requests or just want to say HELLO! -please feel at liberty to leave a comment or drop an email. The first 10 to sign up for our mailing list will receive a free, signed, limited edition gift directly from me.


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